Evaluation and Future Plans for Service
I believe that my research has led me to serve a wide range of both internal and external interests, including services to EMU, W&M, and the local communities in the proximity of these institutions. This knowledge has also permitted me to serve a number of national and international interests. Since becoming an assistant professor, I have been actively involved in services which have brought me great joy and a belief that I have made a difference in many lives. In September, 2008, the Junbook Department of Education in Korea presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation, “In Recognition of the Service, Dedication, and Support for the Disadvantaged Gifted and Talented Children Living in Rural Poverty in Korea.” I was extremely honored to receive this award, because I am proud to be recognized for being able to make a difference in the lives of some gifted children in Korea. As I continue to gain recognition nationally and internationally, I expect to have even more opportunities to serve these interests in the future.